German to English translator, editor & proofreader

I work with clients from all industries and sectors, ranging from auditing, finance and banking to automotive, manufacturing, engineering, energy and life sciences.

Below are some examples of my most common projects, but if you don’t see your project listed, please contact me directly and I will be happy to review it and discuss your needs.

Finance, tax and legal

I specialise primarily in German to English financial translation thanks to decades of practical experience in working with auditing firms of all sizes as well as tax advisors, lawyers, corporate finance and management consultants.

I offer translations of
annual reports
quarterly reports
audit reports
accounting manuals
financial statements (German GAAP (HGB); International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS))
due diligence reviews
mergers & acquisition documents
tax appraisals
transfer pricing documentation
corporate tax statements
tax law analyses
corporate law texts
employment law documents

Automotive, mobility and the environment

Germany is synonymous with the automotive industry, and nowhere is this truer than in Baden-Württemberg in Germany’s Southwest.

For years I have worked hand in hand with some of the region’s best-known automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers. I am deeply familiar with the challenges posed by the changing face of mobility in an era of increased environmental awareness and am excited by the opportunities this transformation offers.

I offer translations of
annual, quarterly and interim reports
financial reporting and accounting documents
press and public relations texts
marketing materials
technical documentation

Education, research and communication

As places of innovation and internationalisation, the translation needs of universities are varied and range from internal documents to texts for external communication.

Here are just some of the text types I have translated:
exam guidelines
course descriptions
academic regulations
university brochures
press releases
module descriptions

In addition, subject-matter experts often require assistance from a native English speaker to review and edit abstracts and research papers in such varied academic disciplines as sports medicine, taxation regimes or maritime shipping.

If you want authentic English texts for your education needs, please get in touch.


With a keen eye for language accompanied by a strong appreciation of the visual world, I have translated and copyedited many essays, articles and books in the fields of:

product design
brand design
communication design
interior design

Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.


My other sector expertise includes business development, public procurement, science and IT.

Whether you are developing brochures to promote a business or a region, announcing an international tender for an architecture competition or publishing your research in science or computing, I will be happy to assist with your English translation requirements.