German to English Translation

English translations of German-language texts with a special focus on financial translation as well as the areas of business development, automotive and mobility, design, research and education

There are countless reasons why you may need a professional German to English translation. These can range from a legal requirement to publish your financial statements in English to the desire to issue your press release in English in order to reach a global audience with news of your latest scientific innovation. Publication-ready specialised texts like these need to be just right.

Whatever the reason or text type, entrusting your text to an experienced professional with subject-matter expertise will give you peace of mind and the assurance of a high-quality translation.

Certified German to English Translation

Stamped English translations of deeds and certificates issued in German for official purposes

Many translations for use by government, in the courts or for other legal purposes require certification. This means the document must be translated by a certified German to English translator, who then stamps and signs the translation to certify that it is a full, true and correct translation of the original German document.

I completed the German State Examination for Certified Translators in 2002 and am registered with the German courts in the State of Baden-Württemberg for German to English certified translations. I can provide certified English translations of official German documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, commercial register excerpts and much more.

Native English Proofreading

Quality assurance review of English texts for correct spelling, grammar, syntax, register and style

Do you have a text in English that needs to be reviewed by a native English speaker with extensive professional proofreading experience?

If you are subject-matter expert writing in English although it may not be your first language, let me offer a native-speaker review. We can work together to produce a consistent and accurate text free from linguistic errors. I regularly proofread texts in fields as diverse as taxation research, sports medicine and patents. Just get in touch!

Native English Copyediting

High-level review of English texts to improve readability and fitness for purpose as well as to ensure the text is free of factual errors

Even texts that are written by native English speakers can benefit greatly from a high-level review by another native speaker.

This editing process involves a more in-depth review than proofreading, taking into consideration the structure, flow and logic of the text. I will be happy to use my technical writing skills to meet your editing needs.

German to English Transcreation

Translation + Creation = Transcreation. Adaptation of German slogans, taglines, brand claims and marketing messages to create an equivalent English product

There are plenty of occasions when any form of literal translation simply will not work. If this is the case for your text, then transcreation is the right solution for you. If you are marketing your slogan, tagline or brand claim, for example, you will need to adapt your message to a message with an equivalent tone, style, context and intent on the target market. Let me be part of this creative process!

Language Consulting

Native English-speaker advice on all aspects of language and terminology as well as project management consulting for your translation process

Sometimes you just need to find the right word or get an explanation of a point of grammar.

Alternatively, your company may want to develop a corporate wording guide or compile an in-house terminology database. Maybe you need advice on how best to incorporate the translation process seamlessly in your other business processes. If you have any queries on language, terminology or translation project management, feel free to get in touch with me.

Why work with me?

Many translation projects require expertise in more than one sector.

For example, an automotive supplier or a mechanical engineering firm that has to publish an annual report in English needs a translator with both financial and technical expertise.

Thanks to my extensive experience in financial translation combined with a solid grounding in technical fields such as automotive and manufacturing, I can bridge the gap from engineering to accounting to produce a coherent and consistent translation of your entire annual report.

Or get in touch to discuss your project