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ISO 17100:2015 Qualified status

Meeting standards for translation services – ISO 17100 14 February 2021 International Standard ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services – Requirements for TranslationServices is an internationally recognised standard for the provision of translation services. It wasintroduced to meet the market demand for a universally accepted benchmark. I recently obtained ISO 17100:2015 Qualified…
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Guest speaker at the University of Limerick

In my last post, I spoke about taking time during the pandemic to redirect some attention to refreshing my brand logo and launching a professional website. Another positive side-effect of the current global situation is the increased use of video conferencing tools that allow us to ‘zoom’ through time and…
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Website launch of

When John Lennon said that life is what happens while you’re making other plans, he could easily have been talking about creating a website! The plan to develop and launch a website for my professional translation business has been a long-standing item on my To Do list. Yet life and…
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